Como Zoo

December 26th, 2011

Taking advantage of this unseasonably warm winter weather, we ventured out to see the animals at the Como Zoo the day after Christmas.

It’s a great place to let the Lentil run out some of her crazies. Plus she’s mad for animals.

We saw lions …

And tigers …

And bears … (not pictured) …
And ended the trip with a visit to the monkeys and apes.

We were excited to see that they are breaking ground on a new exhibit for the gorillas. Looking forward to seeing that sometime next year!


Christmas Eve

December 24th, 2011

The Lentil is absolutely, fanatically, over the moon about animals …. So it is no surprise that we spent Christmas Eve day at the Minnesota Zoo …

We started with Discovery Bay .. And a dolphin training session … They have a dolphin family (Mom, Dad, and Baby) .. The Lentil loves families!  In fact her request for Santa was a Mama Tiger (of the stuffed variety of course) for her baby and Daddy tiger so that they could be a family.
We then moved on to the penguins and the tropics trail …

And then stopped at the Bird show … Where the Lentil had to wait after to ask the trainer a question (prescreened of course … Otherwise it might have been a statement) …. “why are there so many kinds of birds in the world?”. … I’ll spare you the details of our conversation regarding biodiversity after we left the bird show…
Then we grabbed lunch and ice cream and headed back home …


First Fish

June 19th, 2011


For Father’s Day, the Lentil and I took BJ fishing. The Lentil had a good time, very excited about everything. Caught a few small fish – perfect size for a little one. Picture above of the first fish! Caught a few sunfish, crappie, and a very baby bass. She even touched the night crawlers and the fish!


Big Snow

December 13th, 2010

Somewhere around 16″ of snow fell in about a 12 hour period. There is a TON of snow. Not complaining really …. just sayin’! (It’s actually quite pretty!)

Note the icicles in BJ’s goatee!
BJ showing off his hard work – yes he did use a snowblower!


Of gardens and growers

May 12th, 2010

One of the big changes for us moving from the South to the Great White North is the greatly reduced growing season. But unlike when we lived in the south, we now have an abundance of space for gardening and lovely soil!

We have embraced square foot gardening and have a total of six 4′x4′ beds. The first two of which are deeper beds for root crops. This is also where we’ve planted our cold tolerant/early plants (radishes, lettuce, cabbage, etc).

We hit the friends school half off plant sale on mothers day and built the remaining four beds. Our purchases that day filled in about 60% of the 4 newly built beds, but there’s still plenty of space to go.

We are very excited about the possibility of a summer full of fresh produce & teaching the Lentil all about growing your own! :)


Happy Mother’s Day

May 11th, 2010

Happy belated Mother’s Day!

Are you talking to me?

Yummy! Muffins with Mom!

Mother's Day Present From the Lentil


Seriously? Are they teaching this in preschool?

February 21st, 2010

our dear friends A & E had a little baby boy yesterday morning. welcome baby O. you are quite blessed to have fabulous parents and quite possibly the best big brother.
this exciting news led to the following discussion with the Lentil this morning:
me: see look at baby O (showing her his picture). isn’t he cute?
L: yeah
me: hopefully we get a chance to see him sometime soon.
pause … pause …
L: I want to go to the hospital.
me: (confused) why do you want to go to the hospital?
L: to see the kids
… I then explained to her that hospitals are for sick people and that O and his mommy A were not sick and that baby O was was born at home just like she was.

then I had to wonder who is teaching this? why does my 2 year old think that babies are born in hospitals?

oh I know … it’s likely that someone in her class had a little brother or sister and they talked about going to the hospital …

but wow amazing how young kids are when they are picking up these social paradigms … good thing we have many years to teach her differently. :)


Car crazy

January 10th, 2010

the Lentil is a little car crazy. now she’s always loved vehicles and trucks and one of the frequent car games is to point out and name mini loaders, big rigs, dump trucks etc while we are in the car. and so I guess it’s not surprising that the first movie we showed her was Cars. and we probably shouldn’t be surprised that she’s a liitle crazy in love with the movie and the characters. and I’ll admit that BJ and I probably have gone a little overboard with buying her Cars stuff … but she does play with them a lot!

she also gets to take someone with her when we go out … yesterday she decided to take Mater …


Last day

January 3rd, 2010

today is the last day of our time off from work. tomorrow we both head back to our respective jobs and the Lentil returns to “school” full-time. it’s been nice but all such things eventually end.
we took the Lentil to a huge indoor playground for some major romping (it is litterally subzero here today). she had a great time and became very brave climbing high and putting up with the larger rougher children. she’s such a sweetie.
now we are running errands then it’s home to veg and clean a little.


Happy New Year

January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year to you & yours from us & ours. 2009 was a year full of adventure & excitement … and 2010 promises to be all that and more.

we took the lentil to the local mall’s indoor playground to help her shake sone of her sillies out and run, jump, and yell a bit.